AMAneo Mouse Adapter


Mouse Adapter


AMAneo enables people with hand tremors to operate PC, MAC, iPad and iPhone. AMAneo BTi also perfects the control of iPad and iPhone with assistive and normal mice.

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AMAneo USB & BTi Couple

Tremor Filter

AMAneo USB and BTi

The integrated electronic filter compensates trembling in hand tremors. Adjustable in ten levels, this function helps people who cannot use a touchscreen, e.g. with Parkinson's or essential tremor. The mouse click is also customizable. The filter can simply be deactivated or set differently for different times of the day.

iPad Use

AMAneo BTi

With AMAneo BTi, assistive, ergonomic and completely normal mice can be connected to the mobile Apple devices: switch on, connect once with Bluetooth, connect the mouse, ready to go!

AMAneo BTi shadow

AMAneo Series


With AMAneo USB you get a mouse adapter for your PC, MAC or Android computer to control the mouse with tremor compensation.

AMAneo BTi

With AMAneo BTi you get a Bluetooth interface for controlling iPad and iPhone with most assistive or normal mice. Special functions for the efficient control of iPad and iPhone are built in. AMAneo BTi is an Apple certified MFi Product.

AMAneo BTi App


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