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AssistX Mobil

Save and flexible

AssistX Mobil is a radio-based home and care call system. Very easy to use and particularly safe with a maximum of flexibility.


Assistive Mouse Adapter

AMAneo perfects the control of iPad and iPhone with assistive and normal mice. An electronic filter in the AMAneo BTi also enables people with hand tremors to operate their PC and Mac.

Assistive Technology is our Passion just like your Quality of Life

We stand for the most reasonable use of high-tech: quality of life, inclusion and security for people with disabilities. Assistive technology is our DNA. Passion, experience and attention to the needs of our customers drive us to keep innovating. We develop electronics and software and produce the highest quality in our own factory in Germany.


We are here for you

With passion, ideas and experience, we develop and produce assistive technology for people with disabilities. For a better quality of life at home and in clinics.

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