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Here you can find a selection of our configuration tools as well as the latest software and firmware updates. For questions, feel free to get in contact!

RemoBox Configurator 1.05

Categorie Remobox
Softwaretool for the update and configuration of the devices to the newest firmware version.

ClickMan Configurator 1.83

category Software

Software tool to update and configure the devices to the latest firmware version.

AssistX Mobil Configurator V1.13

category Software

Multilingual software for configuring AssistX mobile receiver and transmitter. Software includes the latest Firmware-Version 1.33 (Bugfix to V1.31) Features:

  • Editing the participant lists
  • Renaming and deleting channels in the list of participants of a recipient
  • Cloning participant lists from recipient to recipient
  • Convenient setting of date / time
  • Updating the device firmware of the transmitter and receiver

Firmware AMAneo USB V1.6 (12.2019)

category Software

Firmware-Update for AMAneo USB. Update Firmware.

The internal program (firmware) from AMAneo can be updated for improvements. The update should only be carried out by experienced people!
The update corrects a problem in connection with high-resolution mice, in which the scroll function was triggered when the mouse was moved quickly.

How to proceed to update of the firmware:

  1. Download the packed file here. Unzip and copy the file to a USB stick in its main directory.
  2. Insert the USB stick into the AMAneo USB port.
  3. Press the reset button on the back of the case (press with a paper clip into the small hole) and SIMULTANEOUSLY press the "-" (minus) button.
  4. The update starts and lasts as long as the LED flashes red. Please do not remove the USB stick during the update process!
    Otherwise your AMAneon could stop working!
  5. When the LED lights up green, the update is finished. Now remove the USB stick. AMAneo is now ready for use.

AssistX Mobil


AMAneo BTi





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