AssistX Mobil assured calling with your AAC device

Assured Calling


The secure, flexible, wireless call system at home, in residential groups, nursing homes and clinics

Assured calling with communication devices

Communication can be defined as the exchange of information, thoughts and feelings using speech or other means. Being able to call another person is a crucial factor of communication. With AssistX Mobil users can call reliably, easily, and with certainty. We call this Assured Calling.

The ability to call assistance or relatives creates confidence, improves security, enhances privacy and builds independence. These together can deliver a significant increase in quality of life. And for AAC users this capability is an important addition to their communication device.

A flexible, wireless call system is particularly important if people are cared for in group settings, or if the domestic situation means that comprehensive monitoring is not possible. Our system improves personal wellbeing and, crucially, helps to mitigate emergency situations.

Acoustics can be difficult across several rooms, making it a challenge to hear alarm sounds from communication devices with certainty. With AssistX Mobil, calls can be triggered directly via the AAC device via touchscreen, eye control or scanning. This is achieved via EC functionality (IR transmitter or radio transmitter) in the AAC device.

AssistX Mobil can also be controlled directly with
switches and sensors. In addition, alarm outputs from pulse oximeters or ventilators can be used to trigger calls.

When a Call System is the most important and fundamental method of communication for any person, the AssistX Mobil is the practical, flexible, and (most impor-tantly) safe solution.


AssistX Mobil can be adapted to individual needs. Communication devices can trigger calls via infrared or radio. Switches and sensors can also be connected directly.

Everyday use

A call system should also function in a simple intuitive way, no matter what the conditions. Charging the batteries, connecting other devices and mounting has to be easy.

AssistX Mobil RX4 TX4 front view


AssistX Mobil uses a secure frequency and is based on the DIN VDE0834 standard. Every call is safely confirmed, and the connection to the recipient is continuously monitored.


When used in residential groups, nursing homes and clinic areas, several transmitters and receivers can be combined to form a call system. Additional Repeaters enable coverage over larger areas.