The telephone handset with integrated infrared control

RemoSet with infrared signal
Remoset with environment control device

Our RemoSet

The infrared control RemoSet integrated in the telephone handset enables complete operation of the keypad and the hands-free system via remote control. The main application is operation by people with severe and severe physical disabilities. This is usually done using an environmental control device. The infrared remote control does not have to hold a handset or press any buttons on the telephone handset.

RemoSet with infrared signal

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and technical details
  • Infrared receiver completely integrated in the mobile handset, no additional adapter or plug required
  • All keys of the handset can be controlled by infrared remote control
  • Different IR device addresses can be set
  • Hands-free talking / open listening in brilliant sound quality
  • Headset connection (2.5 mm jack plug)
  • Large, easy-to-read color display
  • 10 one-touch keys
  • Phone book with 500 entries

Standby time ~ 165 hours
Talk time ~ 12 hours
Charging time ~ 8.5 hours

BBU (UPS) optional available

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