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Infrared radio converter for Easywave

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Our RemoBox

The RemoBox is an infrared radio converter. The entire spectrum of ELDAT Easywave radio receivers can be used with an infrared remote control. The corresponding function of the RemoBox is taught in once in the Easywave radio receiver. You can choose between 2 button operation (on / off), 1 button operation (alternately on / off) or a timer function (7 minutes on) on the receiver.

ELDAT Easywave

RemoBox and Easywave

All receivers can be combined with Easywave hand transmitters or other RemoBoxes. ELDAT Easywave radio receivers are used securely via an encrypted radio protocol, which prevents tripping by third parties. We have a wide variety of bundles on offer for you. Let us advise you further!

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ELDAT product for Remobox
ELDAT products for Remobox

RemoBox for Easywave Bundles

Practical bundle consisting of one or two Easywave socket receivers and a RemoBox for Easywave.

RemoBox bracket

More Information

and technical details
  • Power supply: USB (mains adapter enclosed, by means of USB cable included and any USB Powerpack or PC)
  • 16 Easywave channels with up to 4 functions can be used; i. e. up to 64 different radio receivers can be controlled by infrared
  • PC software for configuration, to test the radio commands and to play back all infrared codes through the RemoBox
  • Potential-free switching contact: 3.5 mm stereo jack plug with normally closed and normally open contact (switching power max. 160 mA)
  • High radio range, expandable with repeater
  • • Magnetic housing base for fixing to metal strips /iron pipes or the optional wall mounting plate
  • Dimensions of 50 x 50 x 25.7 mm

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