mouse control with buttons and joystick

Our SwitchMouse

The SwitchMouse is plugged into the computer instead of a normal mouse. The individual directions of movement of the normal mouse are simulated by a joystick (or another multiple sensor) that is plugged into the SwitchMouse. Instead of moving the mouse, the corresponding sensor (right, left, etc.) is operated. The buttons of a normal mouse are replaced by individual sensors or by the confirmation button on the joystick (if available).

More Information

Connection to Mac and PC

The SwitchMouse is connected directly to a USB port on the computer. It is recognized automatically, and drivers do not need to be installed for normal operation. Connections of single sensors (e.g. buttons) and joystick. A nine-pin D-SUB plug for connecting a joystick and eight sockets on the side for connecting single sensors with a 3.5 mm jack plug are attached to the SwitchMouse.

Resellers & Distributors

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