Duo Switch


2-way radio transmitter for ELDAT Easywave

Duo switch across
Duo switch with buttons

Our Duo-Switch

The Duo-Switch has two jack plugs, which can be used with single push-buttons, switches or sensors to perform up to two radio commands. It is possible to operate either up to two different radio commands in the push-button mode or a radio command in the switch mode (switch on when pressing the push-button and switch off when releasing).

Power Switch Adapter

Duo-Switch and Radio Transmitter

Mains switch adapter set for switching 230 V devices on and off with one sensor. The mains switch adapter set consists of a handy radio transmitter and an Easywave radio-controlled socket.
The radio transmitter has two jack sockets, which can be used to switch the radio switch socket on and off with a single button or sensor.

The choice of slot can be used to determine whether switching is only carried out for as long as the sensor is actuated or whether the first actuation switches on and the second deactivation.

Power switch adapter set Duo Switch
Duo switch across
Duo switch at the back

More Information

and technical details
  • Power supply: 2 Mignon AA batteries
  • Input 2x 3.5 mm jack plug for normally open single push-buttons/sensors
  • Push-button and switch mode
  • Range: free field: approx. 150 m
  • Buildings: approx. 30 m
  • Dimensions approx. 76 x 53 x 30 mm

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