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The Assistive Mouse Adapter

The Assistive Mouse Adapter AMAneo USB helps people with hand tremors control a computer mouse more easily by filtering out shaky hand movements. Just plug this device into any PC or Notebook for smoother control. It can be adjusted to compensate tremors of varying intensities. A dwell function is integrated as well as a movement stop while clicking.

Tremor filter


The most important function of AMAneo USB is the very effective tremor filter. It compensates for the trembling of the hand, e.g. B. Parkinson's or Essential Tremor. Even with very strong tremor, which can also have other neurological causes, the connected mouse can be used in a targeted manner. The filter can be set variably and the mouse click adjusted.

AMAneo USB shadow
AMAneo USB shadow

Alternative Mice

Ergonomic, Assistive, Standard
AMAneo USB supports most standard mice. Not only ergonomic mice, but also assistive mouse alternatives such as trackballs, mouth and head mice can be connected. Below are a few examples.
Simple mouse view small

Simple Mouse

Ergonomic Mouse


Joystick Mouse

Senior mouse

Seniors Mouse

Trackball view small


External Switches

for your Mouse Click

AMAneo USB has two ports for external buttons. This means that the left and right mouse buttons can be replaced by any switches if the buttons on the mouse are difficult or impossible to use.

AMAneo Image Buttons
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More Information

and technical details
  • USB connection for Windows, MacOs, Android
  • Adjustable anti tremor filter
  • Adjustable click delay
  • Adjustable auto click
  • 2 connections for external buttons / sensors (left / right mouse button)
  • Works with any mouse or assistive mouse replacement (except Bluetooth)
  • Dimensions: 75 x75 x 25 mm

  1. Micro USB port for PC connection by USB cable
  2. 10-stage bar graph display
  3. Minus key (for setting: decrease value)
  4. Plus key (for setting: increase value)
  5. Status-LED
  6. Selection key (select settings: Anti tremor filter, click delay, auto click)
  7. USB port for the mouse
  8. Connection of separate buttons for left mouse button
  9. Connection of separate buttons for right mouse button
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