AMAneo - The assistive mouse adapter

AMAneo - Assistive Mouse Adapter

The assistive mouse adapter AMAneo helps people with disabilities, computers, iPhone, iPad and other tablets to use them easier or make their use possible.

With AMAneo you can connect normal computer mice, but also special ergonomic or assistive mice, such as a head mouse or a chin controlled mouse, to iPad and iPhone or Windows and Mac computers.

Assistive functions for the user: An individually adjustable tremor filter compensates the shaking of the hand, so that the mouse pointer still moves smoothly on the display. For example, this filter helps people with Parkinson's or Essential Tremor. There is also a click delay (the mouse stops on mouse click) and dwell click function.

There are two different models of AMAneo:

  • AMAneo USB: for use with computers and notebooks with USB port.
    The focus is supporting the user with the assistive functions, especially the tremor filter.
  • AMAneo BTi: especially for the use of Apple iPad and iPhone. The focus is on the possibility to control these devices with a computer mouse or a special mouse. Also in this variant, all assistive functions are integrated. The connection is made via Bluetooth, AMAneo BTi therefore has a built-in battery power supply.