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Switches and Accessoires

You will find buttons, sensors, interfaces, assembly parts and other accessories to complement our products on this page. Not sure which product you are looking for? We have suitable specialist dealers for you for perfect advice on our specialist dealer page. Of course, you can also contact us directly with specific questions using the contact form.

Product category sensors and switches

AS one

With this acoustic sensor, you can reliably trigger a call for help with your own tones. More

ProX one

The right proximity switch for e.g. a safe call initiation in case of physical restriction. More


The sip-puff-switch is used to control physical impairment of environmental control devices. More


The adaptive multicontroller for individual sensors can produce several behaviors at switching outputs. More


Choose your button to match our numerous products. More

Mounting arm

The right mounting arm for your new button. More

Switch Boxes

With up to two simple sensors, our switch boxes can make a wide variety of mouse clicks. More

Drinking tripod

The right solution for people with special physical limitations for drinking liquids. More

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The SwitchMouse serves as a mouse replacement and can e.g. easy to operate with the joystick. More

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