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With the AssistX product family, we have created a innovative series of products that meet the requirements for safety, individual adaptability and fault tolerance.

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AssistX Mobile transmitter and receiver group


On a high level

The AssistX product family optimally fulfills the high demands on functional safety and error avoidance in intensive care, in home environment and especially in clinical and nursing home use. All requirements are based on the German standard DIN VDE 0834, all functions are continuously monitored to ensure the best possible safety.

Everyday use


With high level security and a wide range of functions, everyday operation must be simple. The AssistX products meet this requirement by using the feedback from practitioners in development. Together with proven accessories, this is the key to trouble-free operation.

AssistX Call Systems

Assistive Call Activation

AssistX Mobil & Call

Equipped with a user-friendly AssistXPort for triggering calls, any sensors or buttons can be connected. Even external devices with call output, e.g. B. pulse oximeter, can be used as a trigger. Individually for each user.


Proximity sensor

IR one

IR One

infrared receiver

Hy Pneumax

sipp and puff switch

RX one

RX One

easywave radio receiver

AS One

acoustic switch



e.g. communication aid

Kajo NC

the secure Button


all kinds

AssistX Port

versatile and safe

The AssistX products dispose of the versatile AssistX Port. Any sensor and control element can be connected via the 3.5 mm jack plugs. The control element is automatically recognized and adapted accordingly. The power supply for active sensors and a confirmation lamp function is also provided via this port, which is also compatible which is recognized by the pink color of the jack plug. The port is monitored and reacts to critical changes (e. g. cable break or permanent contact).

AssistX Mobil TX4 Port


AssistX Mobil

AssistX Mobil is a radio-based home and care call system. Very easy to use and extremly safe with maximum flexibility. The basic system consists of transmitter, receiver and charger.

Assistive Call

AssistX Call is a sensor adapter for nurse call systems and enables calls to be triggered using special sensors (call triggers) that cannot be connected directly to the call system.

AssistX Accessoires

We offer an extensive range of products especially for the clinical area. You will find controls and innovative adapters for all common call systems and your individual patients.

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