AMAneo - Assistive Mouse Adapter Featured

Despite trembling hand - Operating computer mouse and tablet again

Despite trembling hand - Operating computer mouse and tablet again.

The Assistive Mouse Adapter AMAneo helps people with hand tremors control a computer mouse more easily by filtering out shaky hand movements. AMAneo filters electronically the trembling of hand, which can also be very strong, so that the mouse pointer on the display moves smoothly anyway. Just plug this device into any PC or Notebook for smoother control. It can be adjusted to compensate tremors of varying intensities. A dwell function is integrated as well as a movement stop while clicking.


Demonstration how it works



  • USB interface for Windows, Mac, Android (Bluetooth for iOS and PC/Android available soon)
  • Adjustable tremor compensation
  • Adjustable Click Timer
  • Adjustable Button Delay
  • 2 Connectors for external switches (left/right mouse button)
  • Works with every mouse or assistive mouse devices (except Bluetooth)
  • Dimensions: 75 x75 x 25 mm


  • #20250 AMAneo USB